Thursday, January 20, 2022

My Baby Book of Memories

My Baby Book of Memories 

 This beautiful baby book has everything you need to prompt you to write in your baby memories. Give it as a gift to a new mom, or use if you just has a bundle of wonder.

60 pages to log and journal you and your babys journey through life.  Every mother want to save memories that are gone in a fleeting moment of time. Altho we don't have a TARDIS to travel backward or forward so we can go back and relive those moments, we can preserve tham in a Mother's own words and actions. 

Take pics of some of these moments and forever revisit the memories. Journal conversations, events and more, so they can be remembered by rereading the moments of occurance.

You can even cut and paste these pages into a scrapbooking binder, but the main point is the memories are there to see, feel and review, over and over in time, so maybe we do have a TARDIS!

 View the interior: 

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